The gun solution we're not talking about

Universal background checks won't fix America's gun crisis. But there's something else that might.
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It seems like after every mass shooting, politicians talk about expanding background checks for gun buyers. But background checks don't actually do a great job of keeping dangerous people from getting guns. What does? A licensing system, where before you can buy a gun, you need a license from the state.
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  • So if the *GOVERNMENT* fails to enforce current gun control laws, this answer is _MORE_ gun control laws. Totally makes sense. Sign me up!

    glidercoachglidercoachHace 12 horas
  • US: Since gun violence is getting worse... Let's do background checks instead of banning! New Zealand: Bruh guns killed so many and so easy to access, let's just follow the smarter majority and ban guns!

    cancelled cancelledcancelled cancelledHace 12 horas
  • I had to go through such a process in NJ for my gun license.

    live and let livelive and let liveHace 21 un hora
  • Let’s just take them while we are at it

    Ryan RuizRyan RuizHace un día
  • Basically the "gun solution we're not talking about" is the solution already in place all across Europe. Why are right wing americans so opposed to this?

    Angus NobleAngus NobleHace un día
    • Left wing Americans are opposed to it as well. It's an assault on civil liberties.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace un día
  • The FBI data base is outdated. Isn't that solely on the FBI? Thats a huge problem, if not the biggest of this whole debate.

    Jose MendezJose MendezHace un día
  • So much wrong with this video on so many levels. Shame on you VOX.

    jeffcon1jeffcon1Hace un día
    • *proceeds to list no issues with the video*

      Angus NobleAngus NobleHace un día
  • Who needs guns when you have fidgets spinners and yo-yo’s anyway 💪!

    Angello! R.Angello! R.Hace 2 días
  • Why nlt just make guns illegal how come nobody ever thinks of that @vox

    Warre van itterbeeckWarre van itterbeeckHace 2 días
  • How about just take them away.

    ᖇ Ξ ᗷ Ξ ᒪ TRBLᖇ Ξ ᗷ Ξ ᒪ TRBLHace 2 días
    • First you'll need to amend the Constitution, then you'll need to actually find law enforcement able and willing to try going door to door to confiscate guns. Good luck with all that.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 2 días
  • Actually, this is how I *thought* all gun purchases worked before I moved to the USofA. I thought it was like buying a car - you apply for a license and pass a safety test. Every gun you buy will be registered to that license. Even if you buy from a third-party, you will have to get it registered to your license after the sale. (Like transferring a car title.) But I've learned it's not the same in a lot of states. I'm surprised how easy it is for anyone to get a gun.

    Anusha RajanAnusha RajanHace 3 días
  • Notice how all the dangerous people are white

    VaughnKindaFishesVaughnKindaFishesHace 3 días
  • How about just ban guns altogether. Jeez

    Keith MarcusKeith MarcusHace 3 días
  • Lol this is not what "nobody talks about". What people really dont talk about is that illegal guns will still exist and your dangerous people will still get their hands on a gun with or without background checks or bans.

    zdude625zdude625Hace 4 días
    • @Amir Hagit Einav guns saved a million lives last year in america, i think thats reason enough to keep guns legal.

      zdude625zdude625Hace un día
    • zdude625 thing is you can’t decrease supply without decreasing demand it will be bad, thing is, the people who NEED the guns is much smaller, and the problem we want to solve is mass shooting in particular, and the demand for guns for a mass shooting lasts for a small time, so by increasing the time for background checks the demand for guns would go down too

      Amir Hagit EinavAmir Hagit EinavHace un día
    • @Angus Noble im saying that the problem isnt background checks, the problem is the black market and illegal weapons. Cocaine is illegal, do people still do it? Yes they do. No matter how much we try to increase background checks or even out right banning firearms, the "dangerous people" will still get their hands on guns.

      zdude625zdude625Hace un día
    • And what you don't realise is that you can be arrested for possessing an illegal gun

      Angus NobleAngus NobleHace un día
    • zdude625 but a significantly less amount

      Amir Hagit EinavAmir Hagit EinavHace un día
  • Vox: we need more background checks Black market intensifies

    gaming patriotgaming patriotHace 4 días
    • @gaming patriot *ignores all the countries it's worked in*

      Angus NobleAngus NobleHace 10 horas
    • @Angus Noble you are not wrong but I don't think blind restrictions are the solution

      gaming patriotgaming patriotHace un día
    • @gaming patriot Almost as if different problems require different solutions...

      Angus NobleAngus NobleHace un día
    • @Angus Noble yep cos proabishon worked so well in the us

      gaming patriotgaming patriotHace un día
    • *points at developed countries where guns are illegal and noone has black market weapons*

      Angus NobleAngus NobleHace un día
  • While I do believe it ludicrous for a developed country not to have strict gun control laws, I also see no problem with gun violence in USA. They wanna live in 18th century? Let them.

    myhvmyhvHace 5 días
    • @Amir Hagit Einav Language is important, yes, which is why we see the gun control crowd creating buzzwords like "assault weapons" and "gun show loopholes" to create fear and drive the discussion the way that they want. Americans understand that guns can stop the government because it is literally how our nation was founded. We have observed even up to modern times that disarmament enables authoritarian regimes to do their thing. As for tanks and such, you need to understand that boots on the ground are fundamentally necessary to control territory. There is a reason why our military keeps getting bogged down when it has to deal with decentralized insurgencies rather than conventional warfare.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace un día
    • Nanofuture87 I found the most important story is that the language is the best way to control people not inherently government overreach, also this is only an a,Erica thing, only Americans believe that this is a problem, everyone else understands that guns aren’t something that will stop all government, also why do you think that guns will protect you. A true 1984 state would come in with a tank decimate you, then say you never existed so in the end your gun wouldnt protect you if this was Oceania

      Amir Hagit EinavAmir Hagit EinavHace un día
    • @Amir Hagit Einav Kindles are wonderful for reading the classics; I've definitely read it. As for messages, government overreach is very much one of them. The state uses hate and fear and misinformation to control the people. It is about power for the sake of power.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace un día
    • Nanofuture87 I don’t believe you read 1984 or you didn’t understand one of its most important messages

      Amir Hagit EinavAmir Hagit EinavHace un día
    • To each their own. We'll live in the 18th century and you can live in 1984.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 4 días
  • I live in Baltimore, Maryland and I can personally attest that handgun licensing only purpose is an end-around of the SCOTUS decision to prohibit the ban on pistols. It does not solve crime, it does not prevent mass shootings. They also still technically have a ban on it with the handgun roster. You have to pay $150 for a class, $50(varies for fingerprints) $50 to MD do a 30-day background check and then when you purchase your first pistol, you still have to go through a 7-Day wait & background check, pay $25.00 to MSP just to have it in your home. If it was truly a common sense law, it would not make any sense to have to go through a background check if you already have the card that should be able to verify whether you are still clean. In fact some states allow your carry permit to exempt you

    No internetNo internetHace 5 días
  • Massachusetts is the best state, easily.

    Tim Cole-FrenchTim Cole-FrenchHace 5 días
  • Why are you talking about this like it's a normal thing?

    Oscar PedersenOscar PedersenHace 6 días
  • It’s a cultural thing, along with the mentality of “we’re the best country”

    Mitchell ObrienMitchell ObrienHace 6 días
  • Let's start revoking people's rights without due process because they could hypothetically commit a crime in the future

    Studio QStudio QHace 6 días
  • If the third guy has never been put in those systems, then that doesn't solve the problem.

    Memes and BeansMemes and BeansHace 6 días
  • So Canadian style firearm ownership

    zack treverzack treverHace 6 días
    • And European

      Angus NobleAngus NobleHace un día
  • Nearly everyone on these comments are saying they don't want licences as it will take away there guns. By what the video said about how the license system works that means most people in the comments have a mental health issue or a criminal record. In other words they are all admitting they shouldn't have a gun.

    watermelonlol macleanwatermelonlol macleanHace 7 días
    • @Angus Noble Sure, 'something', like advocating for policies that those in power disapprove of or simply failing to bribe the officials who determine who gets a license (which we observe happening already).

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace un día
    • @Nanofuture87 But they must have done something in the past. The government aren't mind readers.

      Angus NobleAngus NobleHace un día
    • @Angus Noble Yes, it does, because 'dangerous' is totally ambiguous and subjective. It is saying people will be denied for what someone thinks they might do rather than for things they have already done.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace un día
    • @Nanofuture87 No it doesn't. It says that dangerous people who slipped through the cracks in the outdated system won't get guns. That's also how it works over here, in the civilised world.

      Angus NobleAngus NobleHace un día
    • Here's the thing: the video is deceptive. Even in its deception, it hints at the truth, where it talks about how it would deny people who have no criminal record or history of mental health problems from getting guns. It says it isn't a minority report style system, but that's exactly what it is. The whole system is rife for abuse to arbitrarily deny people or simple to make the process so burdensome that people won't want to bother.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 5 días
  • America is so funny in this way. In India it's virtually impossible for a common man to get a gun.

    Sherlock HolmesSherlock HolmesHace 7 días
  • German Lopez lol!

    M AleneziM AleneziHace 7 días
  • The easiest way to solver this is to replace real guns with tazers sometimes even better than gun cos u can paralyze the guy meanwhile if u dont know how to shoot a gun and miss a vital spot the guy could always grit their teeth and be on with it

    NoThingNess -chanNoThingNess -chanHace 7 días
    • Watch videos of people using tasers to no effect and you might change your mind. There is a reason police carry tasers in addition to firearms and not instead of them.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 7 días
  • What about those illegal gun markets in the dark web?

    Grab LemonGrab LemonHace 7 días
    • Grab Lemon More like illegal weapons from Central America and Mexico.

      Anatoly DyatlovAnatoly DyatlovHace 6 días
  • It seems to me that all the US need to do to solve each of the terrible issues that plagued the nation for decades, is to just do what everybody else had been doing since forever.

    Aeon ZeroAeon ZeroHace 7 días
    • @Amir Hagit Einav I completely agree with that (as far as reducing criminals goes). I fully support addressing the issues that lead to criminal behavior in the first place. Systemic poverty, lack of clear legal career paths, presence of clear criminal career paths, etc. Reducing the criminal element does not somehow justify gun control measures however.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace un día
    • Nanofuture87 another thing, we should also address WHY we have so many criminals, other countries have less so the need for a firearm is lower so gun control would be more reasonable, that fact that we don’t take care of our people like other countries helps this constant need for guns.

      Amir Hagit EinavAmir Hagit EinavHace un día
    • Aeon Zero In Europe we have knife crime, the Netherlands for instance around 5 stabbings every day and shootings on the rise. The US has been plagued by to many weapons and almost no weapon regulations in the past, there are 3 times as many guns than people is the US. It’s too late for the US, but Canada’s or Switzerland’s gun laws are very effective.

      Anatoly DyatlovAnatoly DyatlovHace 6 días
    • If your state ever wanted to hurt you, it would do so quickly and efficiently you wouldn't even know what hit you, let alone be able to fight back with a gun or a rifle. All paid with your taxes, which apparently could have been better spent on public education, maybe you 2A fans would then realise that criminals have guns because everyone has guns. And that is why gun crime here in EU is very rare.

      Aeon ZeroAeon ZeroHace 7 días
  • Universal background checks 🙃 Universal basic income Universal healthcare system What is it with these guys and Universal..? Maybe wait a millennium or two till we've established a Galactic Empire and have access to the Universe's resources, then we can talk Universal lol..

    My ManMy ManHace 7 días
  • I don’t understand why people are so against having stronger background checks. I get you like your gun but why should it matter if you don’t have a criminal record, mentally ill, or any other bad things then you can keep your guns. No one wants to take your gun if you are using it for hunting or self defense or any other reasonable reason.

    That shy girl in classThat shy girl in classHace 8 días
    • What exactly do you mean by stronger background checks? We already screen for criminals and the mentally ill.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 8 días
  • Easier solution ban guns

    Rudy RanganathanRudy RanganathanHace 9 días
    • Rudy Ranganathan No it’s really not there are around 400 million guns in the US. Good luck banning it. The criminals will never give up their weapons so the people are defenseless.

      Anatoly DyatlovAnatoly DyatlovHace 6 días
    • *Second Amendment blocks your path*

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 9 días
  • How about restricting all firearms for the public

    Lorenz WunschLorenz WunschHace 9 días
    • Unconstitutional and immoral.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 9 días
  • gun show loophole is not real.

    Jacob ChapmanJacob ChapmanHace 9 días
  • 1:10 "Shooting guns is kind of fun". Haven't heard something more American than that!

    Vidish ChandekarVidish ChandekarHace 10 días
  • I, as a non-American, just can't comprehend the logic of American people. Everyone keeps talking about their rights and and how the Second Amendment gives them the right to bear arms. Can't you see how many kids have been shot due to loose gun laws? Your arrogance and obsession with "freedom" is getting people killed man

    Hey Was gehtHey Was gehtHace 10 días
    • @Nanofuture87 yes they do, but not 1.19 mass shootings per DAY like in the US

      Hey Was gehtHey Was gehtHace un día
    • Nanofuture87 name a time 3 times it has happened in the last 5 years in let’s say, Sweden.

      Amir Hagit EinavAmir Hagit EinavHace un día
    • @Amir Hagit Einav Because we observe it to work, and other countries absolutely have mass shootings as well as other mass killings.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace un día
  • Why do Americans need so many gunssss why I don't even understand from Africa .

    G.B AfrikaG.B AfrikaHace 10 días
    • @Nanofuture87 continue on your path

      G.B AfrikaG.B AfrikaHace 10 días
    • @G.B Afrika You can think whatever you like, at least you can here.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 10 días
    • @Nanofuture87 recipe for disaster I think they got it wrong the number of gun related deaths don't support me.

      G.B AfrikaG.B AfrikaHace 10 días
    • Bill of Rights, not Bill of Needs, but you have different guns for different purposes.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 10 días
  • The only solution is to get rid of the guns

    G.B AfrikaG.B AfrikaHace 10 días
    • Who is going to come take them? You?

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 10 días
  • At a gunshow you do need a back growned check

    Sebastian NavaSebastian NavaHace 10 días
  • “Blame video games” Yes very effective speech 100

    Kick NromptonKick NromptonHace 10 días
  • Or just make sure the database is updated daily.

    Jehovaservant _Jehovaservant _Hace 10 días
  • And that there is why you just build one. Parts online literally everywhere.

    gabriel williamsgabriel williamsHace 11 días
  • Imagine being so irresponsible as a society that you blame the government for a cultural issue

    Luifran M.Luifran M.Hace 11 días
  • Hey @Vox what about the shooting that just happened in a Texas church in which the would be mass shooter only got off two shots only killing one person instead of shooting and possibly killing numerous others? Should Jack Wilson not have been allowed to lawfully carry his firearm? What about the other 6+ LAWFUL gun owners that were in that church should they be allowed to defend themselves? Going off your logic anywhere guns aren't allowed people are safe. However, the number one place we hear of mass shootings are schools, the largest gathering of people whom of which are all unarmed...

    Alex jenkinsAlex jenkinsHace 11 días
  • Why does mass shootings only happen in America?

    • RaccoonTux •• RaccoonTux •Hace 11 días
    • @• RaccoonTux • I think it's sadder to slap a "no guns allowed" sign up and expect criminals to follow it. I'm not particularly concerned about the opinions of people in other countries. We are not them and they are not us.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 11 días
    • Nanofuture87 i would think it’s sad to have security at a school which is basically your whole town which you should be safe in. Having to have bullet proof backpacks. My Argentinian friend laughs at me like I’m joking. If we are a developed country with problems like this are we just wearing a mask?

      • RaccoonTux •• RaccoonTux •Hace 11 días
    • @• RaccoonTux • Any controversy about it is purely academic. We have them: the cat is already out of the bag and it cannot be taken back. Given that we do in fact have guns, what can we do to reduce mass shootings? The obvious first steps to me are to eliminate gun free zones, increase security at soft targets, and focus on identifying mass shooters before they carry out their plans.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 11 días
    • Nanofuture87 dang, i hate the controversy about if we should have guns or not. But the thing is if the whole world does it we might as well too. That’s why we stand out among the other countries, in good and bad ways.

      • RaccoonTux •• RaccoonTux •Hace 11 días
    • @• RaccoonTux • Gun free zones in a nation with more guns than people, media giving shooters lots of attention, failure of law enforcement to properly implement the screenings we have, etc.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 11 días
  • Or they could just buy one illegally. From dealers who don’t follow the rules.

    Yee ꧁꧂Yee ꧁꧂Hace 12 días
    • @Yee ꧁꧂ You didnt answer my question. If it's a lot harder for the dealers to get the guns, how can gang bangers get them?

      ADHAiiN7ADHAiiN7Hace 5 días
    • ADHAiiN7 I know you didn’t think this one through. *So don’t respond* until you realize what is wrong about what you just said.

      Yee ꧁꧂Yee ꧁꧂Hace 5 días
    • If everyone needed a license, how would those dealers get the guns in the first place?

      ADHAiiN7ADHAiiN7Hace 6 días
  • every gun show I've been to required a background check

  • Lol in Australia we have a liscensing system, individual gun type liscenses and excluding police and defence organisations carrying being illigal

    XavierMisbehaviourXavierMisbehaviourHace 12 días
  • Let me just say it's a sad world people live in when you need to own a gun in order to feel safe either because of paranoia or because of distrust of official bodies like the government or the police While understandable and of course paranoia does good in keeping you alert It's still a sad norm in America Edit:In light of the issue of responders not coming quick enough, personal opinion is use tasers/tranq dart/anything that could knock the person out but like not a 70% chance of killing them?

    f hf hHace 12 días
    • @Carol Watson Most states already require a license to carry a gun outside of your home / vehicle / workplace.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 12 días
    • I agree with you! And even if you want to carry and use a gun for protection, a licensing procedure would not stop you to do so.

      Carol WatsonCarol WatsonHace 12 días
    • @Nanofuture87 True and again understandable but couldn't they replace guns with tasers? It will still subdue the offender without being as lethal as guns and the person owning the property also won't have to be questioned for a possible fatality And if it's because for tasers you need a short range to shoot whereas you can do a better further and safer range with a gun then can't you shoot a tranq dart or something that could knock the person out but not indefinitely killing them? There has to be other possible options other than steel bullets surely?

      f hf hHace 12 días
    • You don't have to be paranoid or distrustful. The simple fact of the matter is that police are usually not going to show up before a criminal has a chance to do you harm. That's just a matter of numbers and response times.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 12 días
  • Also to add onto this How about adding a limit as to how many guns u can own? How about having a minimum age for it like how alcohol and tobacco do (21yrs)?

    Nayeli W.Nayeli W.Hace 12 días
    • @Nayeli W. It's the bill of rights, not the bill of needs. If someone wants to have a hundred guns for whatever reason, that's none of your business. Many people simply enjoy collecting them, or have different guns for different purposes. We as a society need to make up our minds as to when we consider someone an adult. Either someone can vote, join the military, and buy guns at 18, or they can't do any of those things until 21 or whatever other age we set. They are either adults or they aren't. You don't need a license to buy a car or drive it on private property, you need one for public roads. Similarly, you don't need a license to buy a gun or own one in your home, but most states require a license if you want to carry a gun in public. Plus, driving is a privilege while gun ownership is a right.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 8 días
    • Nanofuture87 most people buy guns for “protection”. No one needs 12 guns for protecting their homes in a suburb or wherever. Also NO TEENAGER SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO BUY A GUN EVER! Most 18 year olds are still in high school. No student should have to deal with the idea that one of their students has the ability to take their life. Guns should be treated as serious as cars are, or more than that. We have to have a license for a car, but no license for a gun?

      Nayeli W.Nayeli W.Hace 8 días
    • Why should you be limited in how many guns you can have? Can you be limited in how often you can speak? You already have to be 18 to purchase long guns and 21 to purchase handguns from licensed dealers.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 12 días
  • I was worried but apparently my state has a licensing system, nice.

    LiamwantsfoodLiamwantsfoodHace 13 días
  • Vox: background checks don't work Also Vox: the solution is more background checks

    Chris BlackChris BlackHace 13 días
  • Why can't America be like Australia when it comes to gun laws

    Elizabeth MasonElizabeth MasonHace 13 días
    • @Elizabeth Mason We also have a population of over 320 million compared to Australia's 24 million. We have different demographics, different situations, etc. There are things we can do though if you're actually interested in saving lives and not just infringing on our personal liberties.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 10 días
    • ​@Nanofuture87 And look where that has ended up. 417 mass shootings in america in 2019 and of 31 of those were mass murders. There has already 8 mass shootings in 2020. Australia only had 2 mass shootings last year.

      Elizabeth MasonElizabeth MasonHace 10 días
    • Because we have the right to keep and bear arms in our Constitution and our history, culture, and values are different.

      Nanofuture87Nanofuture87Hace 13 días
  • As far as I’m concerned as long as you are a United States citizen you should be allowed to own any gun because it’s your constitutional right, imagine having a license to utilize your first amendment?.... this hole license thing is unconstitutional and wrong and absurd. VOX please take a hike or flight to North Korea or China, thank you very much.

    Ghost tankcommanderGhost tankcommanderHace 13 días
  • 🤮🤮

    Billy WhitmoreBilly WhitmoreHace 13 días
  • * Laughs in European *

    Menac1ngMenac1ngHace 13 días
  • Umm, I thought that was what the debate was already about

    leverposteifantometleverposteifantometHace 13 días
  • So in conclusion... 1- It creates a centralized registry (never has this resulted in a good outcome). 2- The plan will prevent some law abiding citizens from obtaining a gun. 3- It still does NOT prevent individuals who should not obtain a gun from doing so. 4- Not to mention, the massive cost of said ineffective system.

    Robert SRobert SHace 13 días
  • If almost everyone agrees with this, then why hasn’t it been passed yet??? Perhaps people actually don’t agree with this hmm??

    HiddenHiddenHace 13 días
  • only mad gun owners in the comments.. *laugh in european*

    DavideProphetDavideProphetHace 14 días