The World’s First Michelin-Starred Ramen Is Now In San Francisco | Line Around The Block

In 2015, Tokyo restaurant Tsuta became the first ramen restaurant in the world to receive a coveted Michelin star. Their first North American location has opened in downtown San Francisco, where they serve their award-winning Ajitama Shoyu Soba made with perfectly-timed eggs, two-year barrel-aged soy sauce, and truffle oil. During launch, they limited service to 300 bowls a day. We caught up with customers who have eaten at both locations to see if San Francisco’s ramen measured up to the award-winning noodle bowls of Tsuta Japan.
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The World’s First Michelin-Starred Ramen Is Now In San Francisco | Line Around The Block




  • I just want the damn bowls... Jesus. 10/10 cereal bowl. 😂

    SAM SSAM SHace un día
  • Looking at this video made me so hungry so I had to make Pot noodle. Still Noodle is Noodle

    sagar punsagar punHace 6 días
  • San Francisco? ?? How do ya keep from slipping & falling on human crap all over sidewalks!!??? 400 restaurants CLOSED there 2019!! Palosi's district BTW!

    cats and cars, RingTail Gangcats and cars, RingTail GangHace 11 días
  • just the thought of Food and San Francisco in the same sentence I just vomited 🤮 at the idea of consuming food while looking out the open sewer that is San Francisco 🤮 Disgusting 🤮

    Patrick PatmanPatrick PatmanHace 12 días
  • That’s the place in worth it!

    S LS LHace 13 días
  • Hope they rinse the piss, shit and syringes from the doorway every morning.

    Michael GMichael GHace 21 un día
  • 3:41 Don’t click, it’s disgusting and weird at the same time with that clown face

    Zio OrenZio OrenHace 23 días
  • How to enjoy ramen??? Pick the noodles and slurp with the soup!! Thank me later.

    Hriiyizhuo SiikrunaHriiyizhuo SiikrunaHace 24 días
  • Eat lunch and then poop on the sidewalk like a boss....

    Monkeyweasel44Monkeyweasel44Hace 25 días
  • Ummm looks yummy:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P

    Michael LuiMichael LuiHace 27 días
  • Ramon for 40$ no thanks I'll stick to 89 cent ones

    Somos UnidosSomos UnidosHace 28 días
  • Open a "michelin star" ramen joint in downtown when you have a japantown in SF. This place will be shutting sooner than later.

    Johnny TranJohnny TranHace 29 días
    • @Herp All Day off the top of my head, if youre in the mission go to true mediterranean on 16th/ mission and get their sharawma. When im downtown, my fav is the halal cart on california/kearny open on weekdays. If youre really trying to venture off, theres a deli store off paul ave/san bruno, homie makes the best deli sandwiches. if you wanna get a bang for your bucks, theres a banh mi sandwiche joint in the TL on geary btw larkin/polk

      Johnny TranJohnny TranHace 21 un día
    • Johnny Tran what are your go to spots in JT I am going Friday

      Herp All DayHerp All DayHace 21 un día
  • Sorry guys but It’s Pho for me.

    Raemund BongbongaRaemund BongbongaHace 29 días

    amy gilbertamy gilbertHace un mes
  • It wasn’t that good.

    Geraldine GenetianoGeraldine GenetianoHace un mes
  • Is their human shit on the sidewalk outside.

    The Bob Loblaw Show !The Bob Loblaw Show !Hace un mes
  • Missing a nori is a minus.

    Broccoli FanBroccoli FanHace un mes
  • Uhhhhh what locals

    Dee SnuttsDee SnuttsHace un mes
  • I wouldn't be surprised if some shmuck at the Michelin guide had shares in this chain lol

    JF ReinhofferJF ReinhofferHace un mes
  • Ingredients from Japan = Nuclear waste Good luck to you in 15~20 years.

    WasabiPeasWasabiPeasHace un mes
  • I ain't eating Top ramen at a restaurant

    Goji BroccoliGoji BroccoliHace un mes
  • Just wipe the human poop, and syringes off your shoes before entering...

    dane kellydane kellyHace un mes
  • infrared thermometer .... what the hell! it's like in McDonald's... come on! you are a true chef or an amateur... next: infrared thermometer using sushi chefs????

    k mhk mhHace un mes

      k mhk mhHace un mes
    • or this!

      k mhk mhHace un mes
    • I prefer this chef and restaurant!

      k mhk mhHace un mes
  • It's crappy soup

    Arnold DavisArnold DavisHace un mes
  • And then you walk out to the homeless and human waste infested streets, no thank you!

    artenmanartenmanHace un mes
  • I'm about 90% sure they'll shut down within a few years simply because of the city and state they're in.

    Knight GlintKnight GlintHace un mes
  • mmm eat alot then proceed outside and just let loose all that ramen you ate and shit it all over the street truly world class San francisco cuisine

    Leonard CastroLeonard CastroHace un mes
  • How much

    joe 90joe 90Hace un mes
  • I love the video. I'm in love...

    Tien FoenTien FoenHace un mes
  • Won't be around much longer like the other 400+ restaurants in SF... -_-

    Santouryu3Santouryu3Hace un mes
  • theres so many new ramen restaurant in downtown nowadays. san francisco is turning into san fransokyo. not that im complaining

    raemon Targaryenraemon TargaryenHace un mes
  • Where is the Michelin star corn dog ?

    Jeff Goes RandomJeff Goes RandomHace un mes
  • WTF what about Mensho Tokyo SF , it legit has a star and its not udon, its real ramen.

    vbr20vbr20Hace un mes
  • i can tell straight away that I'm not in Japan when I walk into the place.

    Drmicky141Drmicky141Hace un mes
  • I love ramen but I always order without the egg. 🤮

    Beats by MeBeats by MeHace un mes
  • I didn’t see any soba. How authentic is this place when they’re calling it soba?

    pm2020 _pm2020 _Hace un mes
  • 😁

    Jamie Lee AshtonJamie Lee AshtonHace un mes
  • Heavy drug addicts and mentally ill presence. Defecation, vomit. Courtesy of your Democrat voters and Gavin Newsom, Jane Kim, David Chiu, Jerry Brown, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Libby Schaaf. ...etc.

    American Born Patriot.American Born Patriot.Hace un mes
  • なんか外国で食うラーメンって麺が変に絡まってることが多いんだよなぁ で、2:25〜あたりは麺ちゃんと整えてるけど。やり方も統一してなさそう ここはさすがに違うだろうが、旨味もなんか弱いことが多い

    田中太郎田中太郎Hace un mes
  • Some people are confused the name of "chuka soba" as "ramen", so I explain it 1 Just a single word "soba" means "buckwheat as a plant or noodle meal made from it" 2 "chuka soba(chinese soba)" is same stuff as "ramen", but the common noun of the dish is "ramen" now 3 "chuka soba" was the old common noun of "ramen" and some ramen restaurants use "chuka soba" as product name because of that remnant even now 4 As derived type of that, some ramen restaurants use product name like "shoyu soba(soy source soba)" "shio soba(salty source soba)" "tori soba(chicken soba)" etc 5 Nowadays, "chuka soba" is not common as a common noun

    中山健太郎中山健太郎Hace un mes
  • Awkwafina sighting at 0:41

    Albert VuAlbert VuHace un mes
    • Dats waissis

      JHJHHace un mes
  • イカン こんな夜中に見るんじゃなかった ここのラーメンたしか セブンイレブンにあったよね?夜中だけど買って来よ

    mo303 momo303 moHace un mes
  • she really just called ramen soba

    Shane Dawson’s CatShane Dawson’s CatHace un mes
  • I remember seeing the sign on the restaurant front announcing it's opening before it opened. Yay, now I'm going to try it!

    KKHace un mes
  • Is this the former Miss California Crystal Lee?

    Ryuj1n.SR20Ryuj1n.SR20Hace un mes
  • the chef chinese tho yeyyy surname siu

    Ivy LyIvy LyHace un mes
  • While I have paid up to $17 for a bowl of ramen in the past (roughly 2014 at the Berkeley Ramen joint), while the dining experience was 'fun' and some of the ingredients were quite precious and oh-so, I find and large, your basic ramen bowl anywhere in the world will satisfy for a hella lot less moolah. I mean...$4 toast? I don't think so. Elevating what is essentially a street food that is traditionally on the cheap to this la-dee-dah status, it just irks me to death.

    Chris JuricichChris JuricichHace un mes
  • Never got the appeal of ramen. Had the "good stuff" and to me its an average meal at best.

    CMichelleCMichelleHace un mes
  • Another Chinese knockoff. The Michelin Star is in Japan. Not San Francisco. Which is why the Restaurant has mixed reviews.

    Heidern HeinreichHeidern HeinreichHace un mes
  • Nothing like eating ramen with homeless camped outside the door.

    NemeanLionNemeanLionHace un mes
    • Hope you never be homeless

      kimchi lumkimchi lumHace 6 días
    • @559Santana True, but the high concentration is near sixth and market

      KKHace un mes
    • @K to be fair, there are tons of homeless that roam the streets of downtown SF. It's sad to see.

      559Santana559SantanaHace un mes
    • @NemeanLion ...and I read these types of comments too many times in the YT comment section by people who don't even live here! It's really tiresome, people's ignorance, so that you come across the same way by what you've written, you can't blame me. Also, people usually can't tell tone in writing if you didn't already know this.

      KKHace un mes
    • @NemeanLion Doesn't sound like sarcasm to me. I hear these kinds of statements all the time from people from podunkville or trailer park people in chat america.

      KKHace un mes
  • Is it ramen or soba ...

    Kendal ChunKendal ChunHace un mes
  • Idiotic millies waiting in line for over hyped ramen. Ain lining up for damn ramen.

    Ray ChauRay ChauHace un mes
  • ramen isn't soba?

    AntoninAntoninHace un mes
  • eh... sorry guys, I'd rather eat a bowl of pho any day.

    k khank khanHace un mes
  • the second girl was extra ugly

    Qin ShihuangQin ShihuangHace un mes
  • this hostess is ugly

    Qin ShihuangQin ShihuangHace un mes
  • Jadi mau makan Mie ayam

    Zuka ZukaZuka ZukaHace un mes
  • At San Francisco's current rate this place will be open for another 6 months before the cost of operating, homelessness, and overall poor quality of city infrastructure forces them to close or move to a better city.

    Mr. MagañaMr. MagañaHace un mes
  • And now.... I aM vErRy HuNgRy ;-;

    Sunny SunshineSunny SunshineHace un mes
  • The SF one is so disgusting, please never go here LOL

    falafelessfalafelessHace un mes