"TNT" - A Minecraft Parody of Taio Cruz's Dynamite (Music Video)

The original song has returned.
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The people involved:
TryHardNinja - Lead vocals:
Doc Exx Music - Audio engineering
CaptainSparklez (Myself) - Visuals, instrumental, lyrics:
Original "Dynamite" song by Taio Cruz: esproject.info/it/video/jKqrmNud1LuQudA
This video + song was exactly one month in the making (Both myself and Igor have other full time obligations), and required a substantial amount of time and effort to complete. If you enjoyed it, share it with someone else you think may enjoy it, too! Ratings and favorites are also extremely helpful in spreading the video around :) Subscribe if you're interested in more!
I came to dig
I'll build a city oh so big
Just wait a sec gotta kill this pig
Cook me some bacon take a swig swig swig
Because there must be something I can craft
To help me ease the burden of this task
I shoot my arrows in the air sometimes
Singing ooooh
Creeper's KO'd
Loot his remains and now his sulfur's mine
Singing ooooh
Not today no
Then I'll go to work under the birch tree
And I'll make myself tons of TNT
And I'll use it all to build a city
I'll mine it all with TNT
I came to blow
Up everything you've ever known
Expel you out of house and home
Biome to biome you shall roam roam roam roam
Because I am a creeper I will rob
All of your precious items that's my job
I shoot my arrows in the air sometimes
Singing ooooh
Creeper's KO'd
T-bag his ghost and now his sulfur's mine
Singing ooooh
Not today no
Then I'll get back home where I'll smile with glee
Now that I can make tons of TNT
'Cause I rule my world made in 3x3
I'll blow it up with TNT
Gonna blow it all up
Every mountain every valley
Ruler of the world yup
All the animals will fear me
'Cause TNT is just
TNT's just really cool
Is just really cool
Is just really cool
I shoot my arrows in the air sometimes
I shoot my arrows in the air sometimes
Singing ooooh
Creeper's KO'd
T-bag his ghost and now his sulfur's mine
Singing ooooh
Not today no
Then I'll get back home where I'll smile with glee
Now that I can make tons of TNT
'Cause I rule my world made in 3x3
I'll blow it up with TNT




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  • Dynamite: 90M views TNT: 100M

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