Trying The Impossible Strategy

The penultimate round of WOR!
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racerdesigns (Journeygirl - Stray Bandit)
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Capture Card: Elgato HD60
Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 Official base
Fanatec Clubsport Formula V2 Wheel
Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals
Next Level Racing GT Track cockpit
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Offset Horizontal 1.00
Offset Vertical -0.40
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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a>, did that, got a drive trough

    Vladimir JegerVladimir JegerHace 24 d铆as
  • Always jam pancakes ! 馃

    ObfirstObfirstHace un mes
  • can i ask why the driving view isnt from within the cockpit. anybody?

    Jay BJay BHace un mes
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    Oli FrickOli FrickHace un mes
  • How do you record your stream smoothly cuz mine is frozen but the audio is fine

    acee f1acee f1Hace un mes
    • acee f1 bandwidth issue maybe How鈥檚 your internet?

      djtjpaindjtjpainHace 9 d铆as
  • Hello. I've been watching you since I started simracing seven months ago. You are my inspiration for improving myself but I have one question. In Melbourne I'm about 1.4 seconds behind the Hamilton's quali time in 2019 but it's like I can't do better. Do you have any tips for more effective training?

    Car Guy ChannelCar Guy ChannelHace un mes
  • Why are all of your titles click baits?

    Fernando AchonsoFernando AchonsoHace un mes
  • Wow

    ninjawarrriorrninjawarrriorrHace un mes
  • Because I am just a slow driver or the wheel and pedal set ain't right

    Racing ExpressRacing ExpressHace un mes
  • I know this is off topic but I just wanted to know if a logitech g920 is a good wheel for getting good and fast laps in

    Racing ExpressRacing ExpressHace un mes
  • Yo JD here Tara Loomis

    Tristan ReneeTristan ReneeHace un mes
  • I found your doppleganger

    PTG BennyPTG BennyHace un mes
  • Respect to kjgamer, sending that message. Good man

    Pedro FernandesPedro FernandesHace un mes
  • Of boggels my mind every time how can u peepz drive with that camera angle and no gloves no gloves just feels weird to me xD gg tough

    WatchMe NoobingWatchMe NoobingHace un mes
  • That was a terrible strategy

    juan chipotlejuan chipotleHace un mes
  • Get a life

    Peter CundliffePeter CundliffeHace un mes
  • "Actually can't be arsed" - TRL Limitless 2020

    TomicalTomicalHace un mes
  • Can I ask how many different steering wheel set ups do you have? On instagram you are doing a giveaway of a fanatec direct drive hub and on Twitter you said you are going to sell all the fanatec stuff you have because you can鈥檛 get on with it. So which wheel do you setup do you prefer?

    TheNoviceSimRacerTheNoviceSimRacerHace un mes
  • What are your camera settings?

    joris koedamjoris koedamHace un mes
  • You are crazy using that strategy

    BixxBixxHace un mes
  • Can you please please please do a world record attempt at Baku. I love that track!

    Ozymandias The KingOzymandias The KingHace un mes
  • When you sent the Ferrari "a little bit out wide" 馃槀馃槀馃槀

    jongreen579jongreen579Hace un mes
  • Ah yes, the chat went mad in this race. " *TRL Limited* " It was a good drive mate but I'll be honest - a ridiculous strategy with some logic but not enough

    everything_is_depressing_123everything_is_depressing_123Hace un mes
    • I mean in real life they do it sometimes. Stay out and pray for a safety car. If the safety car had come everybody would be calling it genius now.

      XposeDXposeDHace un mes
  • Good drive, Tyrrel illness!

    James VowlesJames VowlesHace un mes
  • I watched this from Sirah stream, he is a beast.

    parmparmHace un mes
  • Hey man I know you've not been feeling well I really hope it's not a terrible illness and get back to full health as soon as possible

    Strattz TournamentsStrattz TournamentsHace un mes
  • We're seriously gonna need someone to timestap everytime time he says what-so-ever.

    Coolz85Coolz85Hace un mes
  • Hey JD!! appreciate your Hard work But Before you used to qualify higher but now what's happening I know you don't do F1 as a job but there's a change I feel personally.

    Rishi NaikRishi NaikHace un mes
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="823">13:43</a> that was a slick move JD .. awesome

    Ady NathanAdy NathanHace un mes
  • the overpowered toothpaste mobile

    Matthew BoehmeMatthew BoehmeHace un mes
  • i wonder if jampancakes will have jam on his pancakes on pancake day

    alex boltonalex boltonHace un mes
  • First of all a big thanks for always sharing your awesome driving with us all 馃憣馃徎 I have learnt tons from you. From what I understood you plan to ditch the Fanatec gear and go back to your Thrustmaster gear. I upgraded myself from Logitech G920 to Thrustmaster with the F1 add on wheel some years ago. Then I saw you buying the TM open wheel so I did the same and it is a very nice wheel. For pedals I have the T3PA Pro which are nice but I was planning to modify them with a load cell. Then I just saw that TM will release a new pedal set named 鈥漈-LCM鈥 which has a built in load cell. Do you have any plans to try out that pedal set perhaps?

    StoCal 666StoCal 666Hace un mes
  • Lovely 22 laps on softs

    Jos HaazenJos HaazenHace un mes
  • Dont worry if you dont win the race, this video was fun non the less and if the strategy worked it would be such a highlight...

    abcdef ghijlkmnabcdef ghijlkmnHace un mes
  • Out of interest do you know why on certain tracks on time trials my laps wont save (spa & Silverstone) and my gamer tag comes up as someone else and can I fix it ?

    Terry TulettTerry TulettHace un mes
  • Even when you aren鈥檛 at the top of your game,you still baffle me at how good you are

    Michael SampsonMichael SampsonHace un mes
  • 21 laps on softs is quite blank isn't it lol

    PansetakiPansetakiHace un mes
  • Stop bottling quali all the time

    Robert RadutsRobert RadutsHace un mes
    • Robert Raduts like you could do better

      Michael SampsonMichael SampsonHace un mes
  • Hey JD, love your videos but you need to go onto PS4 鉂わ笍

    Sam ThompsonSam ThompsonHace un mes
  • Pannekoek

    Jarno OpmeerJarno OpmeerHace un mes
    • With cyrup please

      TRL LimitlessTRL LimitlessHace un mes
  • Are engine equal in this League Racing

    VasoVasoHace un mes
    • Yes, all of them are sparking Hondas.

      Ludvic FreireLudvic FreireHace un mes
    • Well... Yeah 馃

      Sam ThompsonSam ThompsonHace un mes
  • why didn't you go double soft?

    Be OriginalBe OriginalHace un mes
    • ok

      Be OriginalBe OriginalHace un mes
    • @Be Original you have to use 2 different compounds

      forums2forums2Hace un mes
    • @Nikolas Wells i mean 2 sets of tires.

      Be OriginalBe OriginalHace un mes
    • You have to change

      Nikolas WellsNikolas WellsHace un mes
  • Questionne- Do you ever find any races boring? It must be at some points to just follow cars all the time in DRS

    Krzysztof WojewodaKrzysztof WojewodaHace un mes
  • Love your races. They're in even better with captions on

    Dominic RouleauDominic RouleauHace un mes
  • 1000th view

    Colin AlbertsColin AlbertsHace un mes
  • Just wanted to say and give some feedback, you're by far my favorite F1 youtuber. I always enjoy watching your streams and videos

    missionfrimissionfriHace un mes
    • Same goes for me, i was most of Limitless streams if i have free time and watch stuff like trying beat world records. Really good tips for newbies and others too how to train and get faster in f1 games and not only in them. So really interesting to watch it. Keep it up JD. 馃

      Trespasser44ttTrespasser44ttHace un mes
    • Appreciate that man 馃檹

      TRL LimitlessTRL LimitlessHace un mes
  • Get in there

    mzf 11125mzf 11125Hace un mes
  • It makes my day when you upload

    Dave CribbinsDave CribbinsHace un mes
  • Why, can you please tell me how do your lights work on your wheel? Bc i have the the same base and wheel on xbox and it doesn't work

    Danyil JRDanyil JRHace un mes
    • Lights only work on PS4 and PC

      TRL LimitlessTRL LimitlessHace un mes
  • Hello there TRL Pancake

    MefistoMefistoHace un mes
  • Keep the amazing Job up JD! We need this entertainment!鉂わ笍

    Zwarrior 19Zwarrior 19Hace un mes
  • These league race videos are the ones that I look forward to the most on all of youtube

    Zwarrior 19Zwarrior 19Hace un mes
  • Thanks again for your quality uploads mah dude! I'm not truly into any racing youtubers, but after coming across your channel, I've always been interested in your vids! :)

    Game Per FrameGame Per FrameHace un mes
    • Thanks man!

      TRL LimitlessTRL LimitlessHace un mes
  • Hi TRL Limtess. You are a pro gamer.

    Alessandro GioffrediAlessandro GioffrediHace un mes
    • Was

      Robert RadutsRobert RadutsHace un mes
  • #FireTheFerrarisStrategists

    SamGamerOfficialSamGamerOfficialHace un mes
    • SamGamerOfficial pannekoek

      Daniel FerrierDaniel FerrierHace un mes

    Kris12Kris12Hace un mes
  • Jo, Jd here

    Jan SHDGamesJan SHDGamesHace un mes
  • Quality of video will be lower than usual due to stream :D

    TRL LimitlessTRL LimitlessHace un mes
    • u need to render your vids in 1440p..

    • Wanted to add I do sub to your channel and watch all your videos because they are decent! I have a cheap sim set up myself now ha ha. But the time trial thing is doing my head in !

      Terry TulettTerry TulettHace un mes
    • Uhhhhh.....

      Matthew HildenbrandMatthew HildenbrandHace un mes