Trying To Set The World Record At Suzuka

Here's my attempt at trying to set the fastest lap ever around Suzuka on F1 2019 :D
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Thumbnails/Graphics by:
Outro by:
racerdesigns (Journeygirl - Stray Bandit)
Equipment I use:
Capture Card: Elgato HD60
Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 Official base
Fanatec Clubsport Formula V2 Wheel
Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals
Next Level Racing GT Track cockpit
Camera settings:
Field of view -0.70
Offset Lateral 0.00
Offset Horizontal 1.00
Offset Vertical -0.40
Angle -1.00
Near Clip Plane 0.00
Mirror Angle 0.00
Camera Shake 0.0%
Camera Movement 0.0 %
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  • You should open the steering wheel early in the hairpin, don鈥檛 take too much speed but if you open the wheel early you get a great exit

    Kobe VerbruggeKobe VerbruggeHace 23 d铆as
  • this content is the best! i like this a lot

    Damian BothoffDamian BothoffHace 26 d铆as
  • the 2004 ferrari is a beast in ac! pls make a video after this series. and of course when you want xD

    Joini c:Joini c:Hace 28 d铆as
  • how i miss my wheel and racing :(

    J谩n OlasJ谩n OlasHace 29 d铆as
  • wish I could get a wheel that would be an epic gamer moment.

    321 START321 STARTHace un mes
  • Why T-Cam? Are you still trying to learn the game?

    Edward JamEdward JamHace un mes
  • thats why Schumacher is greatest ever he drove in golden era when cars were still hard to drive and fastest than ever and he smashed everyone

    nightvvishernightvvisherHace un mes
    • F1 2019 isn鈥檛 a sim mate

      JordiENPJordiENPHace un mes
  • next Spa-Francorchamps!!

    pedro pablo fresno marzolopedro pablo fresno marzoloHace un mes
  • JD reading sector split times>>>>

    Abdallah 侔Abdallah 侔Hace un mes
  • Learned a lot from you, I am now cuncurrently always in top 50 because of your tips man

    Niels KorthuisNiels KorthuisHace un mes
  • Your first outlap is better than my best lap.

    lasnicklasnickHace un mes
  • with the perfect lap you could have easily gotten a 1:25,8

    daan stamdaan stamHace un mes
  • Why anyone use the tyres toe? It麓s perfect for the slowest corners of the track, in monaco to put it arround 75% you make Loebs much better XD Nice serie mate!

    PotatoPotatoHace un mes
  • Is the f2004 actually better then f1 2019 cars?

    Jul1 usJul1 usHace un mes
  • Very nice effort! You found that perfect lap

    RevanRevanHace un mes
  • Fantastic video JD. Superb commentary too

    redwestredwestHace un mes
  • Try and get the world record in an F2 car around Spain 馃嚜馃嚫

    Adam DickAdam DickHace un mes
  • please do the 2004 ferrari

    Benjamin MerklBenjamin MerklHace un mes
  • i guess the f2004 is the fastest of the classic formula cars then

    Oscar ThorpeOscar ThorpeHace un mes
  • Who else doesn't give a shit about records set in games? Just me OK bye.

    Lakshith ReddyLakshith ReddyHace un mes
  • Try to break world record at Baku

    EcolotyEcolotyHace un mes
  • I hate this circuit tbh

    ZetaZetaHace un mes
  • Me: starting the video Always me: waiting for 鈥淭his is a very very good lap鈥 馃槀

    Slim ShadySlim ShadyHace un mes
  • man we need u over here on the PC platform man. love your video's.

    TheButchATheButchAHace un mes
  • Tyrrell Limmus

    FIREDELL10FIREDELL10Hace un mes
  • That bump is so annoying, like wtf

    Brojett 123Brojett 123Hace un mes
  • yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooOOOOOOO

    Eazy EEazy EHace un mes
  • That last was breath taking.

    marcos lemesmarcos lemesHace un mes
  • Loving this series. Always good entertainment and knowledge gain 馃憤

    Nicolas LopesNicolas LopesHace un mes
  • Man... limitless, my man. So much quality and depth in your analysis. I cant thank you enough for your videos. How freely you give is awesome too because the overall understanding I got from this has really upped my game (priceless). You deserve to be able to smash WR's the way you do. Your an awesome team player and a force to be reckoned with. Keeping enhancing your method and focus. I wish the best for you and cant wait to see more awesome league and WR attempt uploads. Peace

    Don FergusonDon FergusonHace un mes
  • Probably an already asked question but what鈥檚 the title of the song at the end of your videos? Thanks again for your great videos, get rdy for the 100k ;)

    Clement RingotClement RingotHace un mes
    • Journeygirl by Stray Bandit (it's in the description)

      LevWLevWHace un mes
  • honestly i dont know what the problem with Suzuka is, there is no other track on the calendar im as bad on, i just lose the car, im slow to the fast corners... it feels horrible

    AngeloAngeloHace un mes
  • always with a ferrari? sad af

    J CruyffJ CruyffHace un mes
  • Can you please to Dubai with the old Red bull, i hold the record i want to see it you can beat me

    • He probably can but awesome of you to get that WR

      GoeindagGoeindagHace un mes
  • When JD says "now THIS...." you know you're about to see a Senna like lap

    Benetton_ManBenetton_ManHace un mes
  • Do The Singapour鈥檚 WR PLZZ

    F茅lix HernandezF茅lix HernandezHace un mes
  • Been thinking for a good few videos now, your commentary is so very good

    Gonzo GB87Gonzo GB87Hace un mes
  • 9:32 Me beating my meat in the middle of the night

    Corne Van GulikCorne Van GulikHace un mes
  • This was very enjoyable to watch

    TykksoTykksoHace un mes

    Juan Pablo MazzitelliJuan Pablo MazzitelliHace un mes
  • can you do more with the modern cars? I find those more enteraining

    Henri OadHenri OadHace un mes
  • Commenting to say try Montreal on every record video until you do it. These are so fun to watch though.

    ATAG_FlareATAG_FlareHace un mes
  • I remember I held this record for two days when F1 2018 just came out

    Shoi NagaseShoi NagaseHace un mes
  • I dont really Unserstand why you use the old Ferrari instead of a modern Car? Is this Car faster than the modern ones?

    Mineral_WasserMineral_WasserHace un mes
  • One of my favourite tracks overall both in real life and in e-sports...

    TheRealMc101TheRealMc101Hace un mes
  • You have to be so precise with this machine? Dude, it's a video GAME. It is not real. It is a computer, running software, making you feel as if you are driving the vehicle. You are not driving a real machine. Come back down to earth please.

    Robert HubbsRobert HubbsHace un mes
  • Absolutely brilliant you did some stunning laps, I'm glad your doing lap records it's really good to watch and your commentary and knowledge is really good keep up the good work 馃憤馃憤馃憤

    Craig FoxCraig FoxHace un mes
  • Keep it up mate

    Archie WrightArchie WrightHace un mes
  • We all want Monzaaa, Ferrari 2004 wr easy

    Fede 2005Fede 2005Hace un mes
  • We want that 25.9

    Pietropimpi10Pietropimpi10Hace un mes
  • yo JD i love this kind of vids bro you are nailing it

    BlastWorriorBlastWorriorHace un mes
  • why do you play with that view? that's not real simulation at all...

    Mat铆as CanosaMat铆as CanosaHace un mes
  • I smell 1:25.9... Are you sure staying at 1:26.1? 馃槄

    RenyRenyHace un mes
  • on a perfect lap you definately had a 25 in you

    VlntsVlntsHace un mes
  • Why are you restarting the session?

    Alja啪 93Alja啪 93Hace un mes
  • Next up, Russia - F1 2019 cars.

    Mr. WahlterMr. WahlterHace un mes
  • The lap before the last one would have been a 25.馃槒

    Zolee P贸csiZolee P贸csiHace un mes
  • 18:22 "hitting that lap time"

    Firas MsekniFiras MsekniHace un mes
  • Do some F2 plz

    Edy GraumansEdy GraumansHace un mes
  • I would love to see you use the 2010 Red Bull RB6 at Baku

    Chris PaceChris PaceHace un mes