Trying To Set The World Record At Spa

Here's my attempt at trying to set the fastest lap ever around Spa on F1 2019 :D
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Thumbnails/Graphics by:
Outro by:
racerdesigns (Journeygirl - Stray Bandit)
Equipment I use:
Capture Card: Elgato HD60
Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 Official base
Fanatec Clubsport Formula V2 Wheel
Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals
Next Level Racing GT Track cockpit
Camera settings:
Field of view -0.70
Offset Lateral 0.00
Offset Horizontal 1.00
Offset Vertical -0.40
Angle -1.00
Near Clip Plane 0.00
Mirror Angle 0.00
Camera Shake 0.0%
Camera Movement 0.0 %
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  • The Ferrari F2004 is the last F1 car ever made.

    Fernando MeyerFernando MeyerHace 17 horas
  • Did you ever try to lower front camber a tick or 2 on your finalized setup? I feel like the front was catching the inside corners a bit too much, especially the curbing.

    Gseric47Gseric47Hace 14 días
  • Tío, en serio... ¿te puedes callar de una puta vez? Joder, has dado la primera vuelta completa y he dejado de ver el vídeo.. qué cargante eres coño...

    JavierJavierHace 15 días
  • Watch my funny videos! :D

    Tony95Tony95Hace 15 días
  • Ive done it in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="104">1:44</a> secs

    Nathaniel McGuireNathaniel McGuireHace 16 días
  • My best time ( invalid tho bc I cheated a little bit) was: 1.41.491

    Matthijs van EmmaüsMatthijs van EmmaüsHace 17 días
  • Thanks for the tip, I found myself restarting alot when I would get a invalidated lap during a time trial but you make an excellent point.

    Dylan MDylan MHace 18 días
    • Dylan M congrats mate :D

      MateriałMateriałHace 17 días
    • Already improved my time on Silverstone by over 5 seconds today! Top 900 at the moment :)

      Dylan MDylan MHace 18 días
  • I play Real Racing 3 without brake assist.

    phaserraphaserraHace 18 días
    • So what's your point?

      David StraskyDavid StraskyHace 17 días
  • But why use a old car for a world record

    Arnis ArnisArnis ArnisHace 19 días
  • How did you got rid of the safety ring!!!?

    Nikke NakkeNikke NakkeHace 20 días
    • @Levi Bitner i hate the halo

      Nikke NakkeNikke NakkeHace 17 días
    • The car he is using is from 2004. They hadn’t implemented the halo until 2015

      Levi BitnerLevi BitnerHace 17 días
  • I'm a new watcher of these videos. Why does all the top players on the circuit race with the 2004 Ferrari F2004 car?

    Martin LarsenMartin LarsenHace 20 días
  • Why not the 2019 cars

    transporter255transporter255Hace 22 días
  • Add me #ifistmegrandadsprostate

    matteastwood87matteastwood87Hace 23 días
  • Would love to see setting the world record in Barcelona. The fast left-right corner just before the not completely flat out right-hander ist killing me every time. I just cannot seem to get it right.

    Dennis TrachniewiczDennis TrachniewiczHace 27 días
  • Bwoah...

    TheSpiikkiTheSpiikkiHace un mes
  • I think there should be two leaderboards: 1.With assists 2.Without assists Just because when you have the assists on, you are practicaly unbeatable with assists off...

    Car Guy ChannelCar Guy ChannelHace un mes
  • do you think that a controller can have the same performance of a steering wheel?

    carlo ferraricarlo ferrariHace un mes
  • I’m 12th on PS4 and the PS4 record is 2 tenths slower then Xbox. My time on Xbox would put me 9th

    Darkninja_9 1Darkninja_9 1Hace un mes
  • Is it me or the track looks way different from the real one? And obviously way different from games that have a laserscan version of it (ACC)

    Giuseppe C.Giuseppe C.Hace un mes
  • Would love to have a go at this but since last ps4 update no f2 TT will load anymore

    Christopher DunnChristopher DunnHace un mes
  • JD do u check ur emails?

    MoleoMoleoHace un mes
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> *i felt it when he said:* 🏎🏎🏎🏎

    정수현정수현Hace un mes
  • I have been playing for a while and I’m wondering how to find a gold league to race in? Anyone got any

    Benjamin BeckermanBenjamin BeckermanHace un mes
  • You should've done this on Assetto Corsa with the same combo, I mean look how badly done that version of Spa is, the Bus Stop is flat as a witches' tit! Don't give FraudMasters more publicity with their poor games!

    Andrew DaltonAndrew DaltonHace un mes
    • @sed8181 not sure, but I'd say the car is faster in F1 2019. as it has more grip with the simcade handling.....Not much in it though.

      Andrew DaltonAndrew DaltonHace un mes
    • is the car slower in assetto corsa or do I just have it setup wrong? My best time so far is a 1:52 at spa. Obviously I still have a few seconds to trim off.

      sed8181sed8181Hace un mes
  • excellent man ;)

    GirolamoGirolamoHace un mes
  • It's really too bad you can't change the gearing on the classic cars, it would be nice if they at least had a default gearing tailored for each track. It's weird hearing the engine be at the limiter every straight on a high speed track.

    ATAG_FlareATAG_FlareHace un mes
  • Can you please do Montreal in the 2019 cars?

    ATAG_FlareATAG_FlareHace un mes
  • The number one on leaderboard didn‘t use assists like ABS. He just turned on the racing line.

    David P.David P.Hace un mes
  • Try to set the world record at bahrain with the classic 2004 Ferrari

    21 Vituinhu 1221 Vituinhu 12Hace un mes
  • dude, you only do this car cuz u cant set a world record at a normal 2019 car

    yeetyeetHace un mes
    • Nope, he only races the f2004 because it is way faster than a 2019 car

      David StraskyDavid StraskyHace 17 días
  • how does the F2004 compare to the 2019 F1 cars?

    Oscar ThorpeOscar ThorpeHace un mes
  • i cant get over the intro omg heheheh

    Oscar ThorpeOscar ThorpeHace un mes
  • I dont think assists should be on leader board. This is my first F1 title and I play with the elite settings because I want to be challenged to be able to compete in online eventually. Secondly, I started playing on PS4, I just bought a PC and can confirm that I'm 5 seconds quicker at Spa on PC. I'm quicker on every track on PC, Love this series. Waiting on Canada,

    Poppy DeePoppy DeeHace un mes
    • The number one on leaderboard didn‘t use assists like ABS. He just turned on the racing line.

      David P.David P.Hace un mes
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1178">19:38</a> Game says "New leaderboard position: 3rd" and then shows you are P2 on the leaderboard. Now it starts to confuse itself even

    Fehler3Fehler3Hace un mes
  • So when I got the thumbnail for this yesterday I kept thinking it was an old world record video 🤔

    Strattz TournamentsStrattz TournamentsHace un mes
  • TRL 'keep the momentum' Limitless

    Zoltán KissZoltán KissHace un mes
  • Can you do more of these but in modern cars

    Callum smith GuitarCallum smith GuitarHace un mes
  • Love things vids man. You should try to do the tracks you don’t like or aren’t as good at like USA or Bahrain. Coz I’ve watched your last few league races n you e said the aren’t your best tracks so time attack might help

    Haigy -17Haigy -17Hace un mes
  • "But now"

    Andres PeterkofskyAndres PeterkofskyHace un mes
  • Can we get Montreal next?

    gerbillefollegerbillefolleHace un mes
  • First lap casually driving with default setup beats my best lap by a ton.

    TilezTilezHace un mes
  • I am not exactly a pro at F1 about 3 tenths off the top times in this car, but, I noticed you are having to slow down the car a lot for corners, and I always driver this car with 100-100 diff you have to be a lot more careful on throttle out of low speed corners but in mid-high speed corners I found my apex and exit speed is so much higher. Maybe give it a shot. I learned that from your boy Jarno

    Shanley RossShanley RossHace un mes
  • TRL Invalidation

    0045thomas0045thomasHace un mes
  • You need to get a pop guard for your mic or swallow more because you can hear all the saliva in your mouth slopping and clicking when you talk.

    The White WolfThe White WolfHace un mes
  • maybe you should talk more about reason why you shouldn't use the ghost?

    MuffinTradeMarkedMuffinTradeMarkedHace un mes
  • love you, ever so slightly =)

    MaxTex _MaxTex _Hace un mes

    hexdeehexdeeHace un mes
  • You talk about how finding the perfect setup to suit your driving style is the best thing in ever. It would be great if you made an in depth video about what each and every setup change does to the car. This would probably be a big video to make but it would really help me out!

    oscar hamidovoscar hamidovHace un mes
  • Shame you didnt broke the record. By watching how were you going throughout the session it seemed record shouldnt be the problem Btw my advice is organise some sprint race vs pinecone, martin, jo, toptom, surprize, infamous and others...i think those races would be mega popular.

    HrvojeHrvojeHace un mes
  • Please something else other than the f2004

    djjevans1djjevans1Hace un mes
  • Very good driving gg looking forward to the next race. Thumbs up if you cant wait for F1 season to start

    Ninja reynoldsNinja reynoldsHace un mes
  • Needed that extra rotation ever so slightly, whatsoever

    DebstapDebstapHace un mes
  • Great job mate. This is my favorite series on ESproject atm! All the best from Switzerland 🇨🇭

    nordwandnordwandHace un mes
  • best F1 circuit ... ever

    n00k1en00k1eHace un mes
  • Does anyone know why everybody uses the Ferrari 2004 for doing Lap times? Is it the best overall car?

    LothorLothorHace un mes
    • Lothor yeah i think so it has the best strait line speed for sure kimi hit a 240 mph on it at monza! Hope that helps👍🏼

      Dml_ EclipseDml_ EclipseHace un mes
  • TRL ‘muscle memory’ limitless

    Afi Ihsanul AriefAfi Ihsanul AriefHace un mes
  • Is there a league race tonight?

    Bram Onno NillesenBram Onno NillesenHace un mes
  • Today was shit, until I saw your video. Keep it up 👏

    Guitarherofan0001Guitarherofan0001Hace un mes
  • TRL very very Limitless

    Luka CalovLuka CalovHace un mes
  • JD: Doesn't invalidate the first lap Internet: 🤯

    Mr. WahlterMr. WahlterHace un mes
  • TRL Clueless

    RubocarRubocarHace un mes
  • We are gaining quite a lot of time here Gains 0.030s

    PZSKYPZSKYHace un mes
  • Are you ever going to do Hungary? Its my home track and probably one of my favourits as well. Challenging but fun

    Felix LFTFelix LFTHace un mes
  • Han Solo: Good against remotes is one thing. Good against the living, that's something else. Spa is a track that once upon a time was designed by people without computers but an eye to topography.

    Paul OliverPaul OliverHace un mes
  • And this is why his name is limitless (Literally everytime he has got invalidated)

    LeBaNaNa SpliTLeBaNaNa SpliTHace un mes
  • Azerbaijan next?

    Bencze PinczesBencze PinczesHace un mes
  • Next do Hungary I want to see what you can do there

    joshua burtonjoshua burtonHace un mes
  • Full lap on the 1 gear for the extra rotation hahahaha Just do it! Haha

    RanganganRanganganHace un mes
  • This is a very nice lap 0.014 up on delta

    BwoahBwoahHace un mes
  • NEVER stop doing these "World Record" laps... this is both entertaining and I learn alot from this. I sit at home and drive for fun and I have learned alot from this and I am up a whole second or two on many tracks :-)

    egj1975egj1975Hace un mes
    • What if he ends up getting all WRs for all track/car combo available in the game...? lol sorry had to play devils advocate (hint to you JD)

      CTCTHace un mes
  • Can you please make a video about how to do setups and what all the things do? Really love your vids and livestreams, keep it up

    Alex RyenAlex RyenHace un mes
  • Confidence is just everything in this game

    Crusard ModdingCrusard ModdingHace un mes
    • And staying focus

      Victor YepezVictor YepezHace un mes
    • *as I confidently dive-bomb 0% ai*

      CondorCondorHace un mes
  • I was nervous on the first lap if you would invalidate it haha

    D KempeD KempeHace un mes
  • ahhh... i did a 1.41.762 (world record pc) haha so close!! That was the maximum i can do at the moment. really nice lap! :D

    VPR JxshVPR JxshHace un mes
  • Yo jed

    Big Man DeceptileBig Man DeceptileHace un mes
  • I love you saying 'But now, THIS, THIS. IS. A. VERY. NICE. LAP'. And this video had two of them. Day made!

    Abdullah RiazAbdullah RiazHace un mes
  • You had at least 0.1 secs to be found at S2. On the S2 esses, riding the right hander kerb lets for some reason makes the car more responsive for the next left hander Also, last S2 corner, I always use the inside kerb (touching the green part inside) - lets you carry more speed and sets you up nicely for the next right hander

    GVGavenatoreGVGavenatoreHace un mes
  • TRL “Over-rotation, Nice lap” Limitless

    Ascen5ionAscen5ionHace un mes
  • Next austin with modern cars?

    PotereFrancescoPotereFrancescoHace un mes
  • But NOW this THIS is a very nice lap

    Vitor MoreiraVitor MoreiraHace un mes