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How many fools can I kill today?
Too many to count, don't get in my way
I shoot a mofo in the throat with my bow
Tomahawk chop is my death blow
Freedom fightin' machine, big-ass hatchet in hand
Why'd you have to kill my bros? I'm-a slash your face, man
I'm a very skilled assassin killin' dudes in ones and twos
Blood flowin' like a river, need a box of tissues
When I'm huntin', I be stuntin', you can never find me
In the bushes, in the hay stacks, in your mother's laundry
Watch me comin', free runnin', up the walls like a boss
What you lookin' at, bitch? Taste my tomahawk chop!
How many fools can I kill today?
Too many to count, don't get in my way
I shoot a mofo in the throat with my bow
Tomahawk chop is my death blow
From Boston to NY, always up to no good
Don't know how I can see out this big-ass hood
Walkin' through the crowds touchin' you on the back
Using my hidden blade for a secret attack
Jumpin' off of giant buildings like I was a super man
Use your momma as a meat shield every time that I can
Take a break from the war to hunt for some meat
What? A man's gotta eat...
How many fools can I kill today?
Too many to count, don't get in my way
I shoot a mofo in the throat with my bow
Tomahawk chop is my death blow
Up first in the verse feel the clack of wooden teeth
Bread and butter, lift the covers and you'll find the fu**in' heat
Revolution I lead, with the world I got beef
I dig my wigs powdered, wear boxers- I don't wear briefs
You can't step up to me and my gang
Horse and carriage, drive bys, bullet in the chamb'
Ridin' over your clique like the Delaware, son
I'll get my face on that dollar before this sh*t's done
How many fools can I kill today?
Too many to count, don't get in my way
I shoot those mofos in the throat with my bow
Tomahawk chop is my death blow
This video is extra special to us, so we went all-out this time and got a ton of help from our amazing friends:
Produced & Directed by Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla & Ryan Todd
Music Produced by Peter de Leon & Ryan Todd
Mixed by Peter de Leon
Written by Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla & Ryan Finnerty
Assistant Director - Frank Cosgriff
Cinematographer - John Alexander Jimenez
Assistant Camera - Phil Mohr, Ivan Harder
Makeup & Wardrobe - Paula Barkley
Asst. Wardrober - Felicia Gomez
Connor Costume - Jackie Goehner

Key Grip/Gaffer - Kerry Sweeney
Grip/Electric - Jon Hooker, Lee Eisenhower

Set Designer - Edward Duffy
Scenic - Lynn Malmburg
Set design PA - Lynne Perry, Nathan Bruner, Jon Hooker, Peter Van Dyke
Art Director - Patrick Egan
Set Dresser - Heidi Boucher
Art PA - Karl Mollohan
Post-production Supervisor - Ryan Finnerty
Editors - Anthony Padilla, Michael Barryte, Ryan Todd
CG & Effects - Michael Barryte & Sney Noorani
Assistant Editor - Justin Dailey
DIT & Colorist - Mike Burton
Key Production Assistant - Brad Westerbeck
Production Assistant - Rachel Behrmann
Casting - Julianne Gabert
Connor Kenway - Anthony Padilla
George Washington - Ian Hecox
British General - Keenan Johnston
Benjamin Franklin - Steven Sommers
General's Mother - Maggie Adair Upton
Angry Commoner - Ernesto S. Bustos
Dancing British Soldier - Travis S. Zeiler
Arrow to the neck soldier - Lee Eisenhower
Ax to the face soldier - Elyjah Wibur
British Guards
Alan D. Beck, Ricky Borba, David Chernyavsky, Dan Fagan, K.C. Farrell, Keith Lowell Jensen, Jason A. Manoogian, Zachary Peters
Common Folk
Paula Barkley, Dan Beard, Telly "Leatherface" Blackwood,Sean Boncato, Bob Casper, Sheryl Casper, Robyn Colburn,Christa Cranmer, Kathleen DeVries, Scot Free, Lauryn Gardner,Pryor Hudson, Josephine Longo, Krystina Mae, Gary Pannullo,Ken Pohl, Christa Quinn, West Ramsey, Tanner Robinson,Gillian Tarkington, Dawn Towle, La Tasha Yvette
Dance Choreographer - Joshua Comprendio
Colonial Dancers
Danny Abdon, Green (Chris Gaskell), Cali Kid (Rex Feliciano),jmocak (Jerel Mascarinas), Nitda Cee (Wanitda Chotisen), Candace Roybal
●Special thanks●
The City of Placerville & Kathleen Dodge with the El Dorado Film Commission
The Carry House Hotel
Jim Davies at Shadow Ridge Ranch
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