ACTIVA LOS SUBTITULOS. We are in London and New York to see people's opinion about some common topics.
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  • British food is fucking amazing they don’t know jack shit all they know is that deep fry is good

    SpoSpoHace 24 días
  • Americans have some inaccurate stereotypes, Americans are fatter and probably have worse teeth

    Joel GarnerJoel GarnerHace 25 días
  • Would be a terrorist doing the interview

    Tom CosterTom CosterHace un mes
  • I’ll buck everyone on here

    green 567green 567Hace 2 meses
  • Iam asking all with a badge please start picking people up who lol like that for no reason they could be apart of the purge night s Africa and North Korea Gangs and Some American people work with them the only way police officers can live and Sheriff's department by questioning Africa and North Korea Gangs even FBI or CIA they will kill you to Steal your badges

    Checkerzzz gaming HiCheckerzzz gaming HiHace 3 meses
  • 1:01 Come to south London.

    HopsHopsHace 6 meses
  • British have the best food the fast foods are way better than a dry American mcds BRUV british have mad food u can't lie BRUV not everyone eats fish and chips we have the best chicken and chips best burgers

    T.S OTF#DARKT.S OTF#DARKHace 6 meses
  • God damn Those americans are getting on me nerves

    DarkRainb0wsDarkRainb0wsHace 7 meses
  • This fat blonde fuck nerd is a fucking idiot I will kill America

    Ahajqjkw Njwkwkwk anwAhajqjkw Njwkwkwk anwHace 7 meses
  • That black fucker is annoying asf and really ill informed

    MirrorMirrorHace 8 meses
  • Throw miles

    Alex F.Alex F.Hace 8 meses
  • 1:40 safely!

    a1anisa1anisHace 9 meses
  • La música británica es 38800000000000000 veces mejor que la de EEUU

    MrOzymandiaoffMrOzymandiaoffHace 9 meses
    • No tienes ni idea

      sh Kamosh KamoHace 4 meses
  • The guards do have guns at Buckingham palace lol

    James RoseJames RoseHace 9 meses

    Cookies n CreamerCookies n CreamerHace 11 meses
  • FAM OKAY LISTEN WE HAVE ETHNICITIES TO SPICE BRITAIN UP LIKE BLCK PPL N DAT BUT IM GONNA BE HONEST Personal hygiene, Jesus Christ white British kids completely fail at that. Food? Is decent. Need seasoning but is decent. Music wise? If you talking bout the rnb n rap industry, we have iamddb, Jorja Smith, stormzy, skepta. We have all sort of great artists, however, gang wise. The US takes the trophy. By far the scariest country with gangs ever. Even the policemen are in gangs fucking hell.

    いきすちそいきすちそHace un año
  • try not to get stabbed when you come :)

    jay *jay *Hace un año
  • 😂

    Soraya FernandezSoraya FernandezHace un año
  • 0:13 XD I’m laughing cause this brudda has no clue

    OrangeboobooheadOrangeboobooheadHace un año
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    Chief AlhassanChief AlhassanHace un año
  • What Food Does America Have *First thing that comes to american mind* = MCDONALDS

    Swinger ManSwinger ManHace un año
  • An American called us unhealthy is he a melt

    GGHace un año
  • Why is everyone in the comment section speaking spanish?

    God WorldGod WorldHace un año
  • Bruh when he said I'd like a cup of tea and could you fuck me in the ass I was dead

    mvp.Chris 21mvp.Chris 21Hace un año
  • Nicki Minaj is half Trinidadian so you can’t call her fully American

    Penguin *04Penguin *04Hace un año
  • I had to stop watching. The reason? That is not the British flag. That is the old one.

    Sophie FrancisSophie FrancisHace un año

    A1sha xxA1sha xxHace un año
  • Tengo puto miedo, he estado todo el vídeo leyendo los subtítulos y hasta el minuto 2:29 no me he dado cuenta de que estaban en inglés XD

    marselo o algo nsmarselo o algo nsHace un año
  • that gay cunt in NY just die

    bnns12bnns12Hace un año
  • uk police do have guns neek

    bnns12bnns12Hace un año
  • I like video both contery nice

    nas snas sHace un año
  • Comparar Estados Unidos vs Inglaterra es lo mismo comparar Argentina vs España, siempre ganaran los Americanos vs los Europeos, hasta en la forma de hablar el mismo idioma lo hariamos mejor.. España e Inglaterra no tienen buen acento comparado con Argentina y Estados Unidos, es asi.

  • This triggered the British inside me @-@

    AbstracTAbstracTHace un año
  • Toured both the countries. UK people are more welcoming and have a warm attitude towards guests (tourists) and are definitely more helpful and accepting. Not saying US isn't. It also has an open society. Loved the overall stay in both the countries. Next is France on my list.

    DecentDecentHace un año
  • England is better

    Aleena EssanAleena EssanHace un año
  • "She said 1D"😂😂

    Diana N.ODiana N.OHace un año
  • Lol u wet u dumb cos this is dumbest shit I heard lol u white people are Brits just imagration

    Beppe SimsBeppe SimsHace un año
  • HAHA That guy at the start braging about having Beyonce and some other fucking idiots i have never heard from and we have The Beatles and that is just enough. Fucking WANKER

    Dave HughesDave HughesHace un año
  • Americans are retarded, ignorants, racist and disrepectful fuck yanks those twats are the most annoying people on the fuckin earth

    Dave HughesDave HughesHace un año
  • 1:20 erm they stand outside with guns im pretty sure

    Rogan ToadRogan ToadHace un año
  • Surprised that American trying to roast British people haven’t been sent to Area 51? He sounds like a fucking alien 😂

    Jack HaltonJack HaltonHace un año
  • Isn't the first question a description of America

    paladino esteticapaladino esteticaHace un año
  • VIVA USA 🇺🇸

    Jose Antonio LópezJose Antonio LópezHace un año
  • ese hombre q se ha toma???

    Martín de AgapitoMartín de AgapitoHace un año
  • America is the country of fast food restaurants with fat people

    LFC ShaqLFC ShaqHace un año
  • The guy at the start,I can tell he is a dick,Britain is actually more popular for their songs and books dumbass

    LFC ShaqLFC ShaqHace un año
  • One directiooon :D

    SabrineSabrineHace un año
  • Accents in singing don’t really seem to accurately reflect where someone is from. American girls aren’t always more attractive, spend a day in Alabama and you’ll change your mind 😂

    Don BeckDon BeckHace un año
  • Black lives don't matter in da U.K.

    Supreme 12191Supreme 12191Hace un año

    Meri BlancoMeri BlancoHace un año
    • America created rock ad jazz. America has Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Stevie wonder, Whitney Houston, James brown and almost every single rapper do you want me to continue? 🇺🇸

      Michael Jacksonn!!Michael Jacksonn!!Hace 29 días
    • They sing rock which comes from America.

      Depriece BradfordDepriece BradfordHace 6 meses
  • So one guy says he likes a good greasy american burger after that the next guy said british food is full of fat

    Weird RolexWeird RolexHace un año
  • english someone

    Chira LeiChira LeiHace un año

    Andro4You Wind&AndroAndro4You Wind&AndroHace un año
  • me flipa el cambio brutal de acentos entre unos y otros

    chantiichantiiHace un año
  • Who the fuck is that guy with a base ball hat 🤨🤨🤨 gay asf

    Unknown __Unknown __Hace 2 años
  • Viva el Rap

    Javier CalatayudJavier CalatayudHace 2 años
  • But the last one tho: id like a cup of tea... THEN FUCK ME

    a.bernal bernala.bernal bernalHace 2 años
  • Jajaja que bueno

    rox amrox amHace 2 años
  • Why the fuck would you go to New York to fucking interview these wastemen about Uk, ofc their gonna be biast u spastic

    BenBenHace 2 años
  • I can't understand Nothing Nobody saying in the comments

    Yog EntertainmentYog EntertainmentHace 2 años