We Roast Our Friends and Everyone is Sad | Jackbox Joke Boat

We're roasting our friends, The Valleyfolk, in another brutal round of Joke Boat from Jackbox Party Pack 6!
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  • Let’s 👏🏼 get 👏🏼 sad!!!! 👏🏼

    Sarah WhittleSarah WhittleHace un mes
    • I love you sarah your so cute

      Guido MistaGuido MistaHace 6 días
    • LOL SARAH!

      TheRManProdsTheRManProdsHace un mes
    • If your sad, then you should go listen “Not to Deep with Grace Helbig” She has a great guest on named Sarah that is really well done with many interesting things about her journey into the entertainment world. I liked it.

      Jeffery RowlandJeffery RowlandHace un mes
    • @Spectkiller Jr. Yesss👏🏻👏🏻

      Maddison MurphyMaddison MurphyHace un mes
    • Way 👏ahead👏of👏you 😞👉👉

      The CinemagicianThe CinemagicianHace un mes
  • the title is misleading

    Andrew StamosAndrew StamosHace 2 días
  • No one talking about how Damien and Elliot are matching? Just me? Okay.

    Bailey PaigeBailey PaigeHace 2 días
  • I think anyone who watches this video can read their lips when they bleep out the license plate number, which is obviously TXJ452

    Kieran MillsKieran MillsHace 4 días
  • Everyone saying other prhases and no one to courtney f in the chat

    Emilia BoreanEmilia BoreanHace 6 días
  • I cant believe sarah is the only cute girl here

    Guido MistaGuido MistaHace 6 días
  • Shayne is the winner of everything always every time.

    Fuc GoogleFuc GoogleHace 7 días
  • TXJ452 was the license plate. Thank me later

    Seth BernardoSeth BernardoHace 8 días
  • Heres a rainbow one. You’re supposed to see color in rainbows

    Alyssa BoucherAlyssa BoucherHace 9 días
  • I feel like a lot of stuff got cut from this video...

    TheFrozenViperTheFrozenViperHace 11 días
  • It's true coles county is the meth capital of the us. Thanks methtoon. Sorry mattoon

    sweet reeisdsweet reeisdHace 14 días
  • The difference between Logan Paul and Shayne Topp is that Shayne is a human being.

    GamerKat'71GamerKat'71Hace 15 días
  • Why does Courtney always use the Throat Ripper voice when she has her "presentation"? it... Freaks me out a little. It doesn't seem *H E A L T H Y*

    SorrowAndHollowSorrowAndHollowHace 16 días
  • Can you pleeaasee play the Jackbox dictionary game??

    Abigail RockhillAbigail RockhillHace 19 días
  • No one is gonna talk about the chord they hit in the last 3 seconds of the video?

    Property BrothersProperty BrothersHace 20 días
  • Mad Verse City next?

    Mr. GoldbarMr. GoldbarHace 22 días
  • It's hard to watch anything with the valleyfolk after the whole thing with Lee. I'm only here to support the smosh fam and try to tune out the others.

    Kaitlynne WaltersKaitlynne WaltersHace 22 días
    • @Kaitlynne Walters Ok, yeah I just watched a couple of vids on it and I have to agree they seem like just three Bravo Foxtrots just sitting there trying to justify themselves. And to be honest even before I learned of this the one with glasses and the other shorter dude seemed to be assholes. That was just my impression of them on the Smosh vids.

      GamerKat'71GamerKat'71Hace 14 días
    • @GamerKat'71 So Lee used to be a part of the Valleyfolk and they won a comedy competition and a couple days later the guys decided to kick her out of the group and they lied and said she wanted to leave for other opportunities but the reality is she never wanted to leave and got fired and they posted a half ass apology and still denied kicking her out.

      Kaitlynne WaltersKaitlynne WaltersHace 14 días
    • I am new to watching Smosh. So what happened to Lee?

      GamerKat'71GamerKat'71Hace 14 días
  • Who’s here from the sourcefed days 😭😭🙋🏽‍♀️

    Areesha HasanAreesha HasanHace 22 días
  • Normally a lot of the references on American channels can be ignored and you'll still get the joke if you aren't a yank. But the references on here were far too specific to murica for non-yanks to understand.

    Gambit771Gambit771Hace 22 días
  • Txj452

    Dragon WingsDragon WingsHace 22 días
  • Joe kind of looks like comedian Josh Wolf

    Haunted HaunterHaunted HaunterHace 26 días
    • Nope, gramma and grandpa

      Shadowflare666Shadowflare666Hace 14 días
  • This is great! You guys should do this more often!

    JessicaisKoolJessicaisKoolHace 27 días
  • Did you mean the Valley*men*? No need for a gender neutral name now that they're just your average male comedy trio |D

    theWeaverofTalestheWeaverofTalesHace 28 días
  • Yeah...are you contractually obligated to shoot videos with the valleyfolk minus Lee? Cause fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck watching videos with them in it. I caved simply for craving more Smosh squad. Fuck Joe and Steve dude. Elliot can't be a complete fukwad if Grace likes him...right? *Pray and Hope*

    AerickAerickHace 29 días
  • LOL ROASTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TheRManProdsTheRManProdsHace 29 días
  • I call my bedroom the toys r us cause it's full of kids ready to play

    Robert ElrodRobert ElrodHace 29 días
  • Frlm. Isn't that the Yoshi tongue sound?

    Bakn BitzBakn BitzHace un mes
  • I know Joe was joking at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="870">14:30</a>, but I have to say... Shayne Topp is not a big headed boi. He is a very goldburgie dude.

    Ezzegamer foreverEzzegamer foreverHace un mes
  • Is it just me or did Courtney pat Joe’s abs many more times than necessary at the end there...🤔

    lordmusealordmuseaHace un mes
  • Where's Lee.

    Lego Obi-Wan KenobiLego Obi-Wan KenobiHace un mes
  • license plate TXJ452

    KhaoNeuKhaoNeuHace un mes
  • love the censorship like yesssss give me nothiiing

    Ash SchweinlinAsh SchweinlinHace un mes
  • TXT456

    Hunter DoucetHunter DoucetHace un mes
    • TXT452*

      Hunter DoucetHunter DoucetHace un mes
  • I love the valleyfolk on this channel; I want more of them! P.S. My favorite part was the roasting of each other.

    Storm BoyStorm BoyHace un mes
  • Courtney is dressed for a Xvideo shoot

    Chloe KitChloe KitHace un mes
  • Look, i understand that lee isn't in this video because of the tension between her and the valleyfolk and that you wouldn't want to make anyone uncomfortable. However, you guys should still have her as a guest on smosh. Her own episode. All by herself. As a completely seperate collab with no mention of the valleyfolk. Treat her as an individual comedian. And have her appear on shows like try not to laugh or spelling bee-kini wax. ~~❤❤❤

    Momena MajeedMomena MajeedHace un mes
  • he should have called it strensum's scrotums

    AM Airman Recruit KempAM Airman Recruit KempHace un mes
  • tuff roasting here haha

    miguel freemanmiguel freemanHace un mes

    DivineDevinn 04DivineDevinn 04Hace un mes
  • These jokes kinda didn’t hit very well.

    Quinn DuffyQuinn DuffyHace un mes
  • The title of this video lol

    Eve HolzingerEve HolzingerHace un mes
  • Does Raub even know Dawson? Dickhead.

    Aiden DominoAiden DominoHace un mes
  • Is it just me or is this video just faster today? Like, they are talking faster? Just me? ok..

    Caedyn NighCaedyn NighHace un mes
  • I don’t understand this game, you guys should explain how it works :(

    Serina & Mikayla VlogsSerina & Mikayla VlogsHace un mes
  • Stick to smosh lol

    Jesus LunaJesus LunaHace un mes
  • are Vally folk kinda like the opposite of village people

    Caroline SpivackCaroline SpivackHace un mes
  • It was hard to enjoy some of this because of “creative differences”

    Eric DurstEric DurstHace un mes
  • Play Pokemon sword and shield

    Theodore HochuliTheodore HochuliHace un mes
  • Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft

    super Iron mansuper Iron manHace un mes
  • So this is what Smosh became, makes me miss Ian and Anthony even more

    Kalob BednarskiKalob BednarskiHace un mes

    AstroNut ProductionsAstroNut ProductionsHace un mes
  • Anyone know what happened to the Smosh Games cast? Joven, Mari, Lasercorn, etc.? I know Joven and Lasercorn have been uploading a bunch on their own channels, but why haven't we seen them on Smosh Games recently?

    Jana GilbertJana GilbertHace un mes
    • What happened to Those other two from when Anthony was still around? Can some one answer that?

      Ezzegamer foreverEzzegamer foreverHace un mes
  • shayne is so consistent, what a man

    I don't even know.I don't even know.Hace un mes
  • Sarah Whittle... what did you say?? 😂

    Jeremy RyanJeremy RyanHace un mes
  • I'm offended of the podcast one 😂😂😂😂

    Karma D,amourKarma D,amourHace un mes
  • I get it there from a valley 😂

    AriesThe NightChildAriesThe NightChildHace un mes
  • Oh my God even went missing everyone call your nearest department and place a missing persons for Ian

    AriesThe NightChildAriesThe NightChildHace un mes
  • Where is Ian been

    AriesThe NightChildAriesThe NightChildHace un mes
  • make food batzle 2019

    george the Big brain uwugeorge the Big brain uwuHace un mes
  • Where can I get Matt's hoodie? I need it in my life

    Raymond JarvisRaymond JarvisHace un mes
  • Need the weekly maricraft back :( good ol' vanilla maricraft

    Rean ChannelRean ChannelHace un mes
  • *Clicks video* Someone complements Logan Paul* Swiftly unsubs

    ŁułłâbyŁułłâbyHace un mes
  • As someone who doesn't watch Smosh.... does Sarah have lee newton energy?

    Tomiwa AinaTomiwa AinaHace un mes
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="804">13:24</a> ''You like popsicles?''

    DarthVidar-spillerDarthVidar-spillerHace un mes
  • WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? I dont recognize them from 3 years ago . THey must have been so proud to get a job in this lifeless husk of a youtube channel ..........

    LeeLeeHace un mes
  • Y’all wanna uhhhhhmmmm SAYURCATCHPHRASES

    Dilemma WhatsonDilemma WhatsonHace un mes
  • The first time they played this game was over 100000000 times funnier

    Gcool243Gcool243Hace un mes
  • U guys should invite lee to the show

    allihavetodoisdream_allihavetodoisdream_Hace un mes
  • At 15 min joe is the only one who made me laugh when he roasted shayne

    Conspiracy_00Conspiracy_00Hace un mes
  • It's sad that none of the original members of smosh games are here I miss them😔

    Hunter CookHunter CookHace un mes
  • Still missing one...

    Foxcroft32Foxcroft32Hace un mes
  • You guys should play survive the internet like CallMeCarson did

    Ty CollapsingTy CollapsingHace un mes
  • TXJ452. I'd recommend blurring Matt's mouth during that.

    Shadowflare666Shadowflare666Hace un mes
  • steve looks like a living, breathing hackey sack

    FoxRacer090FoxRacer090Hace un mes
  • I like matt raub's outro better.

    Retro JesseRetro JesseHace un mes
  • I know it's only one view, but I won't be watching this video or any other that feature The Valleyfolk.

    ParasaurolophusfulParasaurolophusfulHace un mes
  • Poor Damien is gonna spend the rest of the week apologizing to Sarah now.

    Velvet XoVelvet XoHace un mes
  • sooo bring lee. just lee and the rest of smosh

    Shae HawkShae HawkHace un mes
  • I had the strangest dream last night... Smosh had a convention and I was the only one there(sorry) and I saw Courtney and Shayne and broke down into tears of joy and then saw Damien and was the happiest person ever. I got hugs(yay) and thought it was so real for some reason. I woke up and was a little sad it wasn’t real but happy that Smosh was in my dreams at all🙂

    Isabella MartinezIsabella MartinezHace un mes
    • Believe it will happen. I believe in you.

      Ezzegamer foreverEzzegamer foreverHace un mes
  • Valleyfolk have been on fire recently

    jasleftyjasleftyHace un mes