XAM - THE DEVIL (Official Music Video)

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📝 Lyrics:
You would never understand the hell I feel inside my head
I hope the violence deep inside me turns to silence when I’m dead
I think I’m gonna go ahead and let my demons out to play
With the dogs in the backyard
They want a piece of my mind but I want peace of mind
But It’s getting way too hard to keep them all outside this mind of mine
Cos I got too much going on inside my mind all the time
I just wanna disappear and leave it all behind
Yeah, I got the devil on my shoulder
And I'm getting tired I just wish that this was over
Yeah, I don’t wanna grow older
I'm burning from the inside but my body's getting colder
Yeah, I got the devil on my shoulder
And I'm getting tired I just wish that this was over
Yeah, I don’t wanna grow older
I'm burning from the inside but my body's getting colder




  • Llegué tarde, pero realmente pienso que haces arte. Que pena que no seas muy reconocido, fighting! 💓

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    • Glad you like it! Thank you!

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